I have a handbag concept that I want to develop. How do I get started?


New clients approach me at different stages of the product development life cycle. Most simply start with a strong idea or vision, while others have already produced a first sample. I am prepared to engage clients at any stage to assist them in translating ideas into physical samples and beyond.  

I provide prospective clients with a complimentary phone consultation to learn about your specific project and determine if my services are a good fit for your needs. 

I would like information on the costs to execute my project.  What are the next steps?

                             I work by 'fixed cost' only.  In other words, I provide a precise quote based on your specific requirements for each stage of your project prior to any work beginning. This provides the client with a clear understanding of upcoming costs and allows for proper planning and payment.


What are the typical product development costs for handbags and other soft goods?

While each project is unique, the average project commonly contains the following phases and associated costs.

Concept Development

$75 - $150 and up (USD) per style, depending on project complexity


Technical Specifications

$250 and up (USD) per style, depending on project complexity


Dependent on manufacturer selected, sample quantities, cost of materials 


Dependent on manufacturer selected, order quantities, cost of materials

Product Development Guidance

Consulting fees are $50/hr (USD)

Sourcing (New York City/online)

$75/hr (USD)